Our Purpose

There is lack of accurate information in the property market where millions are talked for a sale transaction. People save money for years to buy a property and imagine a peacefull life with their family in that. But they quickly understand the reality which is not like they imagined.


  • Do neighbors make noise?
  • Do they have comprimising personalities?
  • What about the water leaking from the roof?
  • What is the risk of the building against the earthquake?
  • Is there any management problem of the apartment?
  • Are dues paid on time by residents?
  • What kind of personality does the landlord have?
  • Is parking area enough?
  • Does apatment management sent extra charges?
  • What is the crime risk of the neighborhood of the apartment?
  • Does the property make profit in the future?
  • What kind of people live in the neighborhood?


The people want a peacefull life with their family don’t have chance to find adequate answers of the questions above whilst they buy or rent a property. They have to be satisfy with the information given by real estate brokers, landlords or neighbors. But how accurate are these information and how reliable are these people? Under these circumstances, our website aims to make an information repository about the properties and dedicate them to the people’s use.