Our Story



- The cars running early hours in the morning was making noise, the lights of cars parking near the apartment during the late nights was bothering up us, the ring tone of the apartment’s main door and wings voices of the pigeons living in a cave near tha apartment was annoying. We did not know and nobody told us when we rent and moved in the flat in 1997 and these unconfortable situations made us unhappy.


- The neighbor living in the downstair was very problematic person, rain water was leaking from the roof into the flat, drunk people was making intense noise in the park near the building, smoke of the restaurant on the street was filling into the lounge while we living in a flat. We did not know these disturbing situations when we moved in the flat in 1999.


- There was a crack in the ceiling which caused 4 years legal battle, water was leaking from the bathroom of the upstair and the people living upstair were not care about it while we living in a flat. I did not know and notice these bad conditions when I bought the flat in 2005.


- In 2012, we were living in another flat. The neighbor living upstair was not use carpet and they have 2 hyperactive son 6-7 years old. These 2 boys were running in their home untill the midnihgt and throwing their toys and somethings onto the floor and their parents were not doing anything to stop them. We did not know when we moved in this flat.


- In 2013, I rented a flat in Bournemouth UK. Our landlord was not honest person. When we moved in the flat it was not clean. Despite this condition he deducted 200 pound from my deposito as a cleaning cost. I was right because there was a report supporting me that written by independent company before I moved in. Landlord knew that I did not have time to make legal challenge. Because I had to leave UK in 2 days. Boiler was broken and we were waking up due to cold. Landlord had never repaired it. The son of the neighbor living in the first floor was waking up at 6 and making noise with the pot covers. We experienced that houses in the UK have not sound insulation systems. The neighbor living next building used to have bath without drawing curtain. We did not have chance to know these unconveniences before we moved in flat in Bournemouth.


- We rented a flat in 2017. My daughter was waking up due to the noice from the room doors and a woman living in the first floor was feeding a lot of cats. Nobody told us these undesirable conditions before we moved in flat.